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Bosker Machinefabriek - Bosker Machinefabriek


Bosker®, all-round specialist in water treatment, water management and trash rake machines


Bosker relationship with water

Bosker has a natural relationship with water due to its geographical location on the river Eems. Bosker is an innovative engineering works that specialises mainly in trash rake machines and bar screens, water management and water treatment. The business has been in operation nationally and internationally for over fifty years. Bosker trash rake machines can be found at large pumping stations, dams, hydroelectric power stations and cooling water inlets, among other places. Bosker also has solutions for smaller pumping stations and water inlets. An important advantage of the screen cleaners that we supply is that we take care of everything, including engineering, production, assembly and service. We have designed and produced most of the machines ourselves.

Modern design department

Bosker & Zonen B.V. has a modern design department where the installations are designed by using 3D software (SolidWorks). Drawings and calculations are made specifically for each assignment in our own workshop. An important aspect of our engineering focuses on the development of new machines.

Our light overhead trash rake recently underwent product optimisation, and at present we are developing a screen cleaner that can remove 3000 kg of dirt at a depth of 100 metres.

EN-1090, VCA** en ISO 9001-2008

Bosker has EN-1090, VCA** and ISO 9001-2008 certification. The trash rake cleaners we supply are low-maintenance and have a very long working life - 25 years is no exception. After that the machines are often reconditioned to give them a new lease of life. Each machine is delivered with maintenance and operation instructions, including a description of the necessary preventive maintenance. Generally speaking a Bosker trash rake machine requires twice a year maintenance in order to guarantee safe and reliable operation.


Bosker often operates in the local region as an industrial or technical service provider. "We invest continuously in production equipment and in staff training," states Dick Bosker.